Labor Law

Labor law is a key practice area for Müller-Hof | Rechtsanwälte.

Mr. Hertzberg is board-certified in labor law and represents employers, employees, managers, directors, officers, employee representatives and freelancers in labor law in and out of court.

Clients can obtain counsel on all labor matters – from recruitment and employment contracts to compensation, warning letters and dismissals pending a change of contract to terminations based on dismissals or severance agreements. Our services include supporting reorganizations and mass layoffs, too. Mr. Hertzberg advises and represents clients on personnel and social security matters that fall under works constitution law, including redundancy scheme negotiations. In the event of disputes, he will represent clients out of court and try their cases before labor courts of all instances.

We also provide labor law training for companies.

Mr. Hertzberg advises freelancers and business owners on labor law issues as well.


Recalling and dismissing directors and officers
Bankruptcy claims
Employee leasing
Employment contracts
Severance agreements
Support for mass layoffs
Occupational old-age pensions
Works constitution law and co-determination
Service agreements
Managing director contracts
Interest reconciliation and redundancy schemes
Dismissal and protection against unlawful dismissal
Outsourcing, reorganization
Sports labor law
Compensation claims
Non-compete agreements
Letters of reference