Media coverage and publications („by and about us")

The Media coverage and publications "by and about us" are written in German.


"SEW-EURODRIVE unterstützt KIT-Stiftung" - PDF (352 KB)

KIT Presseinformation vom 23.05.2017


"Risk and liability at false self-employment" - PDF (141 KB)

Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung 03.03.2017


"Recommendation of Müller-Hof Rechtsanwälte in 2015/2016" PDF (155 KB)


"300 Jahre - 300 Köpfe - interview with Dr. Katharina Ludwig on the occasion of the 300th birthday of Karlsruhe" - Link to the video 14.02.2015


Daumes termination at the BG „invalid“ PDF (240 KB)

BNN 20.12.2014


„Dr. Katharina Ludwig is Karlsruhe`s first bar-approved lawyer for International Business Law” PDF (400KB)

BNN November 8th, 2014


"60th anniversary of the law firm Müller-Hof" Link to the video

Baden TV July, 28th 2013


"Intellectual property rights - trademark law is affecting everyone"  PDF (222 KB)

IHK economics edition 4/2013 - Volkmar Nicodemus


„Law firm Müller-Hof - our trusted legal advisors”  PDF (721 KB)

ROGON Info-Newsletter edition 3/2013  


"Wiese together with lawyer against Hoffenheim" PDF (834 KB)

Sport Bild March, 20th 2013 - Martin Hertzberg


"Current Labor Law - Update 2012" PDF (596 KB)

Technologiefabrik current edition 6/2012 - Martin Hertzberg


„Recorded as being ill - and on the start of marathon"  PDF (117 KB)

Mannheimer Morgen February, 4th 2011 - Martin Hertzberg


„Rules regarding telephone advertising - intensified" PDF (591 KB)

IHK issue September 2009 - Dr. Katharina Ludwig


„Pitfalls on the net” PDF (151 KB)

econo 3/2009 March, 3rd 2009 - Dr. Katharina Ludwig


„Economic crisis: job in danger?” PDF (281 KB)

Brettener Woche February, 12nd 2009 - Martin Hertzberg


„Pitfalls regarding fixed-term contracts” PDF (180 KB)

Brettener Woche July, 7th 2008 - Martin Hertzberg


„The new German Telemedia Act (TMG):
incorrect specifications can become expensive” PDF (58 KB)

Network-Karriere April 2007 - Dr. Katharina Ludwig


„Termination without notice due to private internet use?"  PDF (273 KB)

Brettener Woche March, 1st 2007 - Martin Hertzberg


„First AGG (General Equal Treatment Act)-cases show:

train your employees!” PDF (203 KB)

econo December 2006 - Martin Hertzberg


„General Equal Treatment Act” PDF (1.1 MB)

Der Sonntag August, 6th 2006 - Martin Hertzberg


„Improved information on chances and risks” PDF (264 KB)

Network-Karriere May 2006 - Dr. Katharina Ludwig