Michelle Jakob

Board-certified in condominium law

Board-certified in landlord-tenant law


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More about the person

Mrs. Jakob is board-certified in construction and architectural law. Her key practice areas are construction law, real estate law and service contract law. In these areas she advices and represents particularly construction and installation companies as well as artisanal companies; she supports them during the construction process as well as in terms of subsequently arising legal queries and disputes including drafting contracts, disruption in the construction process, defects and claim of wages. She also assists property owners, builders and property buyers with her expert legal advice. She also provides advice in architectural law.

Besides she is also board-certified in landlord-tenant law and condominium law. She serves both landlords/lessors and tenants/lessees of commercial and residential properties. Her clients include property managers and homeowners` associations (WEG) as well.


Mrs. Jakob is recommended in national lists of leading commercial law firms in real-estate and construction law.

Furthermore she also serves clients in the area of general civil law.

Mrs. Jakob has been practicing law since 2006 and joined Müller-Hof | Rechtsanwälte in 2007. In 2010, she acquired her board certification in landlord-tenant law and condominium law and 2012 also in construction and architectural law.