Martin Hertzberg

Board-certified in labor law   


Tel. +49 721 - 9 85 67-16
Fax +49 721 - 9 85 67-77

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As a board-certified lawyer in labor law, Mr. Hertzberg focuses on labor law matters. He advises and represents employers, employees, managers, officers, directors and freelancers in and out of court in all labor law matters, such as contract drafting, terminations, warnings, severance payments, compensation claims, reorganization, works constitution law, redundancy scheme negotiations, et cetera.

He also provides training and seminars. More details can be found here.


Mr. Hertzberg is reccomended in national lists of commercial law firms in labor law.

Mr. Hertzberg counsels companies and commercial agents on commercial law and serves clients in traffic, motor vehicle and insurance law.

Mr. Hertzberg has been practicing law at Müller-Hof | Rechtsanwälte since 1997 and received his board certification in labor law in 2001. Since 2005 he is instructor for labor law at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.