Driving your success with trust, quality and competence.

Müller-Hof | Rechtsanwälte is one of Karlsruhe's leading business law firms for over 60 years.

The main objective of our work as lawyers is to offer our clients a effective, swift and high-quality processing in our core competency which is commercial law. This is possible because of a high degree specialization of each individual lawyer.

We serve regional and supra-regional companies of all sizes, industries and legal structures as well as freelancers and individuals.

Müller-Hof | Rechtsanwälte's core competencies include first and foremost commercial and distribution law, competition law, labor law, real estate and corporate law. We believe in specialization: our lawyers are board-certified in labor law, construction law and architectural law, tenant-landlord and condominium law and intellectual property law.

We regularly attend seminars, lectures and continuing education courses to hone our expertise in business law.

Müller-Hof | Rechtsanwälte enjoys an outstanding reputation in and outside Karlsruhe and figures prominently in nationwide rankings of leading business law firms. 
Müller-Hof | Rechtsanwälte is in continuous cooperation with the law firm
Jehle • Láng • Meier-Rudolph • Köberle in Freiburg and with the insolvency administration
BBL Bernsau Brockdorff in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt and others. Furthermore we cooperate on request with well-known law firms in and outside of Germany as well as with tax consultants and patent attorneys.